Year 5

Chasing through the apple orchard, stealing raspberries woven in the neighbor’s wire garden gate and filing buckets of blueberries along the creek I found seeds of true friendship with my dear sweet cousin Vicky. This photo was taken while on one of our sleepover play dates. Yes, there is mischief in that smile. Vicky brought that out of me! And years later when we both found ourselves in California  she encouraged me to try my first, and last, cigarette. Like I said, she was a bit of a rebel!

Vicky has been gone decades ago now. Hit by a car while riding her bike across the street, she faced challenges no human being is designed for. As a paraplegic she had no mobility in her legs and only partial in her arms, yet that girl fought demons I can’t even imagine. She survived several years before infections took the rest of her light. In spire of the decades that have passed I will always remember Vicky’s spunk, her crooked and mischievous smile and most of all her sweet giggle echoing through the waves of autumn leaves.