Year 4

Looking back through photos of my fourth year I discovered a pattern – I am always holding on to something. It was either a Raggedy Ann doll, a Christmas bear, or this little beauty who reminds me of the mechanical spider with the baby doll head from Toy Story 2.

This little love I am clutching with endearing affection was a product of Cheryl’s budding creativity and practical resourcefulness. I remember this day clearly. I always wanted my dolly to look like she was really walking beside me. If I held her by the hand, she swung one leg up in the air. Goodness Knows that wasn’t right. On the other hand, if I grabbed her by the top of the head both feet touched the ground. Perfect! So one day while mommy was in the basement doing laundry I found the scissors, sat my baby in my high chair and gave her a private salon treatment. Clip, Clip Mommy is gonna be mad at me I thought. Clip, clip. And of course she was.

But hey, when it was all over with I loved that little baby all the more. She was special, MY BABY, my creation and she was beautiful. Hard to believe I made it all the way to responsible parenting. Maybe I should show this pic to my long-haired daughter and see if we should try out a new style?

I believe beauty is in the eye of the creator.