Where true story & fairy tale collide.


Yup, I’m a gypsy…

In fact, my dad even labeled me such, because I’ve always been the type of girl that’s got to be in the know and on the go. And on this caravan of wandering wonder I’m grateful to ride alongside so many talented, passionate and committed artists. These poets, musicians, dancers, designers and painters create with sole and soul purpose – to allow beauty and meaning to flow from their art to the heart of man. Their unwavering passion for their craft, belief in their personal value and gift for storytelling inspires each challenge I face and every leap I take.


…and an Entrepreneur

As an adventure addict, arts advocate and chronic metaphor maker I also take creativity serious. How serious? 25 years immersed in the design and entertainment marketing community is a good start. Today I lead my commitment to design leadership through my agency Menagerie Creative where I collaborate with artists, educators and entrepreneurs to define their personal brand – from the inside out. This is where I combine my experience art directing major motion picture brands like Star Wars, X-Men and The Sound of Music with the marketing savvy of launching a solo-preneurship or re-branding a business.


…and an Artist

What else do I create? I also share my personal work that “serves” no one but me. This art primarily focuses on illustration and lettering arts, with an occasional wandering eye lined up to a camera lens. I also enjoy discovering  duality in the English language through illustrated wordplay, also known as “perceptual shift ambigrams.” If you want to see even more of this work, drop by my Dribbble page.


…and then this writing thing happened

I didn’t go to school to become a writer. It’s something that kinda just “showed up”. As my life goals and art evolves I often find myself with a pen in hand – quite literally! I’ve extracted heartache, joy, frustration and wisdom through nearly 600 blog posts, a shelf full of journals and am now curating many of those juicy nuggets into this memoir. Like me, like all of us, it’s a work in progress. It’s unfolding deeper and more meaningful everyday. As the writing begins it’s final editing phase I thought it would be nice to have a home to share short excerpts and progress updates. Truth be told, I created this website to hold myself accountable and wrap a bow around this baby. If you decide to come along for the ride and sign up on my mailing list, Goodness Knows I promise to spread glittery Goodness to you too.

Love and wisdom rest comfortably alongside fear and vulnerability as I navigate the road of my personal story. Truth and Fairies are welcome equally, as are you. So, thank you! I’m so thrilled you stopped by to explore my story. If there is only one thing you remember about me and experiencing my work let it be…

We are all here to nurture the creative soul – our own and each other’s.